Xiaomi Reveals A Video Showing Its Future Foldable Smartphone


Xiaomi Foldable smartphone

In recent years, there has been a lot of talks about foldable smartphones. Finally, last November Samsung officially announced its future folding smartphone, a device in which the company is working. Everything seems to indicate that very soon it could have a new competitor since in the last hours a video has appeared in which the first folding smartphone of Xiaomi is shown.

Although we had already heard about Xiaomi’s supposed folding smartphone, the tech community was cautiously waiting for some kind of official announcement to discard that it was not false information. The video that we show below confirms the development of this terminal since Lin Bin himself appears using the folding smartphone.

A s you can see in the video that we indicate, Lin Bin starts using a device of size very similar to that of a tablet, although after a few seconds he decides to fold it, at which time the device acquires the size to which we are accustomed in the current smartphones. At this time, the device interface automatically adjusts to the format change. Unlike the model presented by Samsung, the terminal of Xiaomi is folded on both sides.

Although we now know for a fact that Xiaomi is working on its first folding smartphone, it will still be some time before it is officially available. In fact, Lin Bin himself states that it is a prototype in the publication shared from his official profile on the Weibo social network, from where the announcement was made. In addition, the company accepts suggestions of possible names.

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